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Biden Discusses Economic Benefits of Climate Initiative

At his climate summit on Friday, President Biden championed the economic benefits and new jobs that would come from proposed initiatives to combat climate change and enhance renewable energy.

Today’s final session is not about the that threat of climate change poses, it’s about the opportunity that addressing climate change provides, it’s an opportunity to create millions of good-paying jobs around the world in innovative sectors. This is, this challenge, and these opportunities are going to be met by working people in every nation. And as we transition to a clean energy future, we must ensure that workers who have thrived in yesterday’s and today’s industries have as bright a tomorrow in the new industries, as well as in the places where they live, in the communities they have built. The United States is, again, becoming a key leader in mission innovation. We helped launch the program during the Obama-Biden administration, a pact between the world’s largest economies to ramp up investments in clean energy research and development. And today, America is once again stepping into the leadership role.

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