The series of articles last week about vanishing glaciers has been both fascinating and alarming. But Gaia Vince’s poetic piece (28 April), with its echoes of Nordic myths, was almost out of this world. Worth the subscription on its own.
Jim Chrystie
Warlingham, Surrey

At our worst, in the UK we had more than 800 cases of Covid per million. India has less than 300 cases per million, as far as official figures suggest. Its resources are not nearly as good as ours and its population is much larger, so of course the overall situation is far worse in terms of individuals affected and the ability of the hospitals to cope. But please use statistics in a way that helpfully informs readers.
Frank Ribbons
Aboyne, Aberdeenshire

It was delightful to read of Janet Mansfield’s arpeggio-singing blackbird (Letters, 29 April). We had one who imitated the squeaking of our gate to such perfection that we had to apply a little WD-40 (to the gate, not the bird).
Ruth Guthrie
Cockermouth, Cumbria

Is there any chance that, after the recess, the House of Commons could institute a half-hour session each week entitled “prime minister’s answers”?
Geoff Williams

Re Grace Jones’ greatest songs ranked (29 April), you missed out I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for You). Something I’m always telling my wife.
James Cassidy

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