new video loaded: Deadly Flooding ‘Shows the Urgency,’ of Climate Change, Official Says



Deadly Flooding ‘Shows the Urgency,’ of Climate Change, Official Says

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, said that the floods across Western Europe demonstrate the urgency to act to combat climate change.

The flooding events we see in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and first of all, of course, our thoughts are with the victims, their families and their loved ones. The commission has already activated the mechanisms to support and help those member states in this very, very difficult catastrophic scenario. Science tells us that with climate change, we see more and more extreme weather phenomenons that last longer. Of course, we have seen extreme weather phenomenons like droughts or stark rain in the past. But it is the intensity and the length of these events where science tells us this is a clear indication of climate change and that this is something where we really, really it shows the urgency. This is important just in the frame that we’ve put forward now, a roadmap how to fight climate change, how to stop global warming. In it is also the possibility of huge opportunities for our economy, because we know that these fossil fuel-based economic model has reached its limit because it comes at the expense to nature and our planet.

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