Why is no one condemning the pope for visiting Iraq in a pandemic (Report, 7 March)? We have rightfully criticised politicians for similar actions. The pope may have been vaccinated, but the estimated 10,000 people at his Sunday mass will not have been. Does he think God will protect them? So far that hasn’t proved very effective.
Sarah Burwood
British Columbia, Canada

Re Sally Smith’s letter (7 March), women didn’t have to leave their employment if they got married. In 1937, my mother was told by a women’s legal aid centre that she was not obliged to tell her employer she was getting married. She didn’t and carried on working, taking off her wedding ring every morning.
Celia Taylor
Caernarfon, Gwynedd

As I don’t get out much, I decided to keep a running total on the numbers of men and women in the Guardian’s obituaries this month. In the first five days of March we have had 12 men and two women. Maybe it’s true, we are living longer.
Vivienne Anderson

It is wondrous what this country can “afford” (Johnson defends 1% pay rise despite NHS staff exodus warnings, 7 March). We can afford £205bn for Trident, which doesn’t deter the threats of climate change and the pandemic. But we cannot afford a pay rise for health workers who have been looking after us in the pandemic.
Rae Street
Littleborough, Greater Manchester

During lockdown, I have noticed a resurgence of the knitted bobble hat. Does anyone know the purpose of the bobble?
Pete Bibby

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