Development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The core of sustainable development is an approach to development that aims to balance our needs against an awareness of the environmental, social and economic limitations faced by the society.

Often, development is driven by our current needs, without fully considering the wider or future impacts. We are already feeling the impact of the damage this kind of approach has caused, from large-scale financial crises, to climate change resulting from the use of energy based on fossil fuel. The longer we take to understand the impacts of unsustainable development, the frequent and more severe its consequences are like to be, and that is why we need immediate action.

Sustainable development is about utilising alternative of doing things, that will benefit both, the future and the present. There is a need to change the way we work and live today, but doesn't mean affecting our quality of life.

Sustainable development is a way.

Development affects everyone. The impacts of our decisions have real impact on the people’s lives. Poor planning reduces the quality of life for the people who live in them and people who will be living in the future.

Sustainable development is a way that provides an opportunity make better decisions. Incorporating sustainable technique, methods and materials into our development plans will ensure that the current and the future generation will have a better and safer environment to live.


What Can I do to make it happen?

Small actions add up and when taken collectively can bring a real change. We all are party to it. So, let’s take a pledge and works towards a better future.




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