Designers have the ability to analyse, think, visualize and develop solutions to critical problems in innovative ways. Solutions that are buildable, operable, maintainable, safe and usable. This ability of the designers and engineers make them the key players in shaping the future. However, the contribution of designers is rarely focused when policies are made towards a sustainable future. 

Good design not only makes the construction easier, quicker, cheaper and safer, but also contributes towards decisions on the procurement of materials and equipment. The materials and equipment, often are key factors affecting our environment. It is estimated that around 80 percent of all the decisions related to environmental impacts are determined during the design phases of the project. So, designers have a big role to play in moulding a sustainable future.

It is important that the developers, regulators and investors consider sustainability as a necessity. This will help in building an environment where design consultants and contractors will be able to motivate and embrace their designers to develop solutions that are sustainable; solutions that will create a better environment for the future generations.


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